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You Have Been Challenged: Health Club Bike Challenge in August Will Benefit Augie's Quest

You Have Been Challenged: Health Club Bike Challenge in August Will Benefit Augie's Quest

Augie's Quest, TEAMSQUEST4ALS and Expresso have teamed for a bike challenge in August to raise money for research to find a cure for ALS. (Image courtesy Expresso.)

I'm challenging everyone in the health and wellness industry to get involved in one of two events that will raise money to find a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The cause is dear to many people in the fitness industry because Life Fitness founder Augie Nieto was diagnosed with ALS more than 10 years ago and has been raising money to find a cure for the disease through his Augie's Quest organization.

Your first opportunity to get involved is the Expresso Bike Challenge. Don't stop reading if you don't have Expresso bikes. The second opportunity does not require any type of bikes. I'll tell you about that in a few paragraphs, so keep reading.

If your health club has Expresso bikes, then you can get involved in the Expresso Bikes Challenge during the month of August. Ask members to register for the challenge by going to this page, and for every mile that they log with the challenge during August, Expresso will donate 10 center per mile to the ALS/TDI Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Club members participating in the challenge can raise additional funds for the Expresso Bike Challenge by inviting friends and family to sponsor them.

As a club operator, you can get a promo kit for your staff to promote the bike challenge. The kit also includes a rules flyer and Expresso and Augie's Quest graphics.
If you want your club to participate but you don't have Expresso bikes, contact Tom McCarthy at (781) 974-6097 or

What if you don't have Expresso bikes and you don’t have plans for any bike purchases soon? You can still get involved by sponsoring someone from one of the clubs that is participating in the Brooklyn Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon as a member of TEAMQUEST4ALS. This team of 12 health club operators, vendors and the Augie's Quest group needs more people sponsoring them to reach its monetary goal.

Click on this link to see all the teams that are participating. You can click on the team of your choice and determine an individual on one of the teams that you want to sponsor. Then, go to their page and donate online. All the money goes directly to ALS Therapy Development Institute, which is the organization that Augie Nieto and his wife Lynne oversee.

You can read more about this half marathon, which I am going to run (my first half marathon ever, and actually my first running race ever), by reading my previous blog on the topic. (Nudge: I'm running on The Atlantic Club team.) 

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