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You Can Help Big Corporations Make a Difference in America's Healthcare Crisis

Why should you care that the Vitality Institute's commission released its report, "Investing in Prevention: A National Imperative," last week? The report, which offers five recommendations for health promotion and preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs), includes a recommendation that business owners start reporting their employee health statistics like they do their financials.

Of bigger importance to the fitness industry is what the members of the commission that put together the report have promised to do. The chair of the commission, Will Rosenzweig, shared four collaborations that the firms on the commission have promised to carry out—and he invited other organizations to participate.

That is why you should be interested. The commission is made up of a lot of big corporations, such as IBM, Microsoft, Humana, Johns Hopkins University and Qualcomm. If these companies truly are committed to this effort, it will take off. Don't you also want to be a part of this movement?

One collaboration noted in Rosenzweig's blog that you can help with is the following:

"The level of expertise in prevention science within the workplace needs to be enhanced. IBM, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Vitality Institute are working together to develop a Corporate Health Leaders Program—evidence-based workplace health promotion training courses for small, medium, and large employers."

Another one is:

"We aim to broaden the scope of prevention science beyond traditional barriers, including novel data analysis, incorporation of the new concepts of behavioral economics, and involvement of allied professions. In collaboration with the Vitality Institute, the Institute of Medicine will convene a workshop on ethical, legal, and social issues with respect to the use of data collected by personal prevention technologies."

The blog includes contact information for individuals and companies that want to get involved.

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