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The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round...

For the first time ever, Club Industry East held a club tour of three fabulous fitness facilities in the Orlando area. Also, for the first time ever, I led a tour group around a city in which I‘d only visited two areas: Disney World (whee!) and the Orange County Convention Center (slightly lesser whee).

Truth be told, I wasn‘t the first choice for the tour guide job. Two of our show staff are pregnant and weren‘t cleared by their doctors to fly, so I got the gig. About 30 people loaded the bus for the tour on Friday afternoon and off we went. (Thankfully, our show director had coordinated with the bus driver, Issiac, so we were in good hands.)

Our first stop was The Fitness & Day Spa at Florida Hospital Celebration Health. Probably the most notable aspect of the 60,000-square-foot facility was its user friendliness and sense of community. Our energetic tour guide, Gail Pazin, knew almost every member‘s name and said hi to him or her as we walked around. Gail told us she‘d had too much coffee that morning, but from the way she interacted with the members, I think she‘s usually pretty outgoing.

Next, we bused over to the YMCA Aquatic and Family Center, an impressive wellness center featuring more than a million gallons of water. After showing us around the cardio and weight equipment, our guide, Lon Tosi, showed us the Olympic-sized pools and diving wells where about a dozen girls were diving off the high, very high and uber high dives. These girls were doing back flips, tucks, sommersaults, etc. The entire group stood for about 10 minutes in complete amazement; it was like watching the Olympics first-hand. We also had the chance to try out some kickboxing moves when Lon brought in his top cycling and kickboxing instructor. Although many of us were in non-workout clothes, we still did our best with the high-energy routine of jabs, hooks and uppercuts.

Our last stop was the Golds Gym Dr. Phillips. Silly me, I walked in and asked our tour guide there, Shawn Moe, if Dr. Phillips was around. Turns out that whole area of town is named Dr. Phillips after a successful orange grove entrepreneur. Needless to say, Dr. Phillips was not around.

We spent a good amount of time there though, admiring their ladies-only workout area (which they even let the guys see for a couple of minutes) and circuit training areas. We were also wowed by their cardio theater room where about 25 people worked out on various pieces of equipment while watching a full-screen movie. Shawn said they post a schedule of movies and people can attend whatever interests them. Talk about a good way to see a movie.

After our last stop, we came back to the convention center around 3 p.m. to check out the show floor and grab some grub (many of us hadn‘t thought to eat lunch before boarding the bus). And, although I probably wasn‘t the top choice to lead the tour, I think it went well (and no one complained). Success! --Jennipher

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