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Weiner Gym Photos Make You Want to Hide Your Eyes

In an effort to tie the Anthony Weiner scandal to the fitness club industry, we give you—the House of Representatives gym!

Actually, it's the photos that Weiner took in the House gym that's at issue here, and no, we're not providing any links to those photos. (TMZ would be happy to oblige.) Of all the photos of Weiner and … himself out there on the Internet, the House photos may ultimately force him to resign from his job as congressman from the state of New York. A misappropriation of House resources is at question.

A recent column on examines the nature of the fitness facilities for the House and Senate. Author Brian Palmer does a nice job reporting some of the amenities of the gyms and their history involving women and retired members of Congress. However, according to the column, what goes on in these gyms usually stays there, the aforementioned Weiner photos notwithstanding.

So we don't know exactly what policies the House and Senate gyms have relating to photos taken on their premises, but it's hard to imagine they would be any different from most fitness facilities, which ban the use of cameras and camera phones, especially in the locker rooms. Unfortunately, that hasn't prevented a few people from violating that rule.

Weiner-gate is the most activity reported in a congressional gym locker room since the alleged Eric Massa-Rahm Emanuel run-in in the shower, in which a naked Emanuel, then the White House Chief of Staff, tried to intimidate an equally naked Massa into voting for President Obama's budget.

Thankfully, there are no photos of this anywhere.

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