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The View at Matrix

In between my visit yesterday afternoon with Checkfree and attending the Technology Summit, I stopped by the Matrix booth to visit with Chris Adsit about the company‘s cardio equipment. Chris was a bundle of energy. I could tell he was excited about what the company has to offer.

He explained that the company wants to innovate by taking an existing modality and making it better or by coming up with a new one that people will use. With that in mind, he showed me the company‘s hybrid bike, which features the benefits of both the upright and recumbent bikes. The seat is up higher for more fit people, but the seat also has a back support for less fit people. It also offers step-through capability for less fit users.

He then took me over to the Ascent Trainer, which I had tried at the Club Industry show in October. It offers an ellipse motion without the starting and stopping. It also takes up less room than an elliptical since people can step on it from the back (meaning the Ascents can be located without space between each, similar to how treadmills are placed).

This morning, I went by the Matrix booth again to get a look at the strength equipment. Michael Benso showed me the company‘s Functional Trainer, which he was getting feedback on at the show. The company will then make any necessary modifications and begin mass producing the product this summer, he said. On the Functional Trainer, a user can do more than 200 exercises using the cables, a golf club option, a baseball bat option, a wall climbing option and several others. One side of the equipment offers images of several exercises that could be performed on the equipment.

Michael said that functional training is becoming even more popular, and Matrix is making products to help club owners meet that demand. --Pam

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