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Video Shows Personal Trainer Saving Member's Life in Oklahoma Club

Video Shows Personal Trainer Saving Member's Life in Oklahoma Club

Have you ever seen someone attempting to save someone else's life in real time? One video, which includes surveillance footage of a personal trainer and staff performing CPR on a woman who collapsed in a club, shows just that.

The woman, 49-year-old Kim Steele, and personal trainer Travis Demont Burdine are both featured along with Steele's husband, Chris, in a sharply produced video by the Gooden Group and Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

Kim Steele collapsed last September while simply walking on a treadmill at her Bodyworx club on Jim Thorpe Boulevard in Prague, OK, population 2,386, less than 60 miles east of Oklahoma City. If you want to see the collapse and life-saving efforts in full, be forewarned, as the surveillance footage details it all. Steele's heart started again when a defibrillator was used in the ambulance after paramedics arrived, Chris Steele says in the video.

But that's not the entire story. Steele says she was unconscious for five days and put in what's called "the big chill," a deep-freeze treatment for cardiac arrest patients.

"I don't remember anything from two days before until five days after," says Steele, who adds she was completely healthy before the heart attack but had had a family history of heart ailments.

Doctors told her she had a 95 percent blockage in her left descending main artery, aka "the widow maker." Doctors also told her that if one more minute had passed before her heart finally got oxygen to her brain, she would have died.

Two weeks ago, Burdine was honored by the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, which gives out the Oklahoma Heart Hero award each year to Oklahomans who have saved another's life using CPR. This is the third time Burdine has saved a life using CPR, which he first learned as a lifeguard at the Prague YMCA in 1997.

"Travis is a hero," Kim Steele says. "He saved my life, for sure."

To which Burdine says, "As a hero, I'm far from that. You would want somebody to step up if that was your mom or your aunt or somebody in your family."

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