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'Train This Clown' Video Goes Viral

Do you like Jay-Z? Do you like Rihanna? How about Kanye West? Then you'll love this fitness parody video.

The man behind the video "Train This Clown," a parody of the Jay-Z video "Run This Town" featuring Rihanna and Kanye, is fitness industry veteran and author Craig Pepin-Donat, who is brave enough to play the role of Jay-Z in the video. As of today, the parody video has attracted more than 630,000 views on YouTube. (Compare that to 63 million for "Run This Town.")

"I'm just a middle-aged white guy in the fitness world out there trying to break through all the clutter to get people's attention and change some lives," Pepin-Donat said in a press release. "My goal is to send a simple message of inspiration to anyone who has the desire to improve their health. Fitness starts with a simple principle. Respect your body."

I first met Pepin-Donat five years ago at the IHRSA show in San Francisco, and I completely botched his last name in my blog post, which I have since corrected. (Hey, at least I was consistent.) Pepin-Donat had just written his book "The Big Fat Health and Fitness Lie."

Last year, Pepin-Donat starred in another parody video titled "Eating Chocolate Bars," which played off the video "Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah, featuring Eric Turner. In both cases, you really need to watch the original first before you watch the parody. That will make them seem a lot funnier, and they're pretty funny on their own.

Let us know what you think of Craig "Master P" Pepin-Donat.

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