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I was right. My early morning workout at FreeMotion was no walk in the park. After hearing about their new pieces of strength equipment, the Incline Trainer and their vibration piece, I was put to the test on all of them. All I have to say is yeowsers! The company's incline trainer goes up to 30 degrees, and even at a speed of 2.0 mph, it's enough to get your heart pumping and your glutes screaming. It was intense, but in a good way.

After a quick shower (goodness knows I needed it), I popped back over to the trade show floor where I met with representatives from Polar to discuss the company's new products and new direction. That direction is targeting more clubs by providing the technology for trainers to work with their clients more effectively via more modes of programming and using software to provide accountability. Basically, they want to focus less on actual product and more on results.

Then, I quickly stopped by the Octane booth where I saw their newest product, a recumbent elliptical. Designed primarily for Baby Boomers, the elliptical is helping clubs reach a more diverse group of members.

My next stop was STOTT Pilates, where I saw the V2Max's features in action. (I wasn't the participant though -- thankfully -- since I was so sore from yesterday's early morning workouts! They had a rather buff STOTT Pilates employee demo the moves.) Then the company raffled off one of the new reformers to a lucky attendee. And lucky she was...the prize was estimated at almost an $8,000 value. (If I had entered and won, I would have placed it in my living room. It's a really nice looking piece of equipment.)

My final booth stop for Friday was at Star Trac. A few weeks ago, I had spoken with executives at Star Trac about their new brand and image, Expect Different. It was nice to see the brand in full-form. Their new ads show people of all ages and races and abilities both on equipment and exercising outside of the gym's walls. I was formally introduced to their three strength lines, cardio line and spin bikes. My favorite of the ones I saw was the E Spinner® that's designed to go on your club floor rather than in the spin room. The bike is outfitted with a TV screen and can play a recording of an instructor teaching a cycling class. As someone who sometimes can't always make it to the gym on time for a class, I can definitely see myself using something like that at my club. Not to mention how great it could be for beginners. The spin room can be a scary place, so getting a few rides under your belt before you brave a class makes perfect sense. --Jennipher

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