Behind the Scenes

Still Gettin' It Done

Add this American Profile article to the many Jack LaLanne features we've seen over the last several weeks. (Thanks to Stephanie's aunt for sending her the print version!) This feature was not unlike many profiles of LaLanne. We definitely took a decidedly fitness club focus with our feature in our October issue, but all in all, his story checks out.

When many people write about Jack LaLanne, they sometimes mention a phrase that goes something like, "Before there was Richard Simmons, before there was Jane Fonda…there was Jack LaLanne." Speaking of Jane Fonda, the 72-year-old has a new DVD in the works aimed at exercise for older women.

There are other less-famous fitness enthusiasts who are "still gettin' it done," as David Letterman would say. How about this Pennsylvania man who still loves to work out at 95? (Same age as Jack.) There's also a YMCA volunteer in California who is teaching rock climbing at 73. (This man simply does NOT look like he's 73.)

Kudos to all for keeping fitness in the forefront after all these years.

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