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Spin. Spin. Spin.

After a fun-filled long weekend in Vegas (for fun, not for work this time), I‘m back in the office and getting a good jump on the August issue. I‘m especially excited about two articles I‘m working on, both of which have an interesting Vegas connection. The first one is about group cycling class trends (my head is still spinning a bit from my trip), and the second is a two-year follow-up piece on clubs affected by Hurricane Katrina (I had “a couple” hurricane drinks). So far, the stories are coming along nicely, and my two-day hangover seems to be lessening in its intensity.

There are a number of fun new trends in cycling. Lately, it seems like almost anything goes, from short classes to longer rides to extreme biking to sing-a-long sessions. If you have something cool going on at your group cycling classes in your facility, feel free to e-mail me at I‘d love to hear from you.

Down south, fitness facilities hit by Hurricane Katrina are rebounding, but still adjusting to a different economic market and demographic than before the storm. So far, I‘ve talked with three facilities about their experiences and businesses before and after the storm. Although things are getting better, they all stressed that their lives have deeply changed. Their stories are both inspiring and heroic, as their facilities have served as sometimes the only element of normalcy and even enjoyment in their members‘ lives, even two years after the storm passed. If you‘ve been affected by Katrina or have thoughts you'd like to share about Katrina and clubs affected by the hurricane, feel free to e-mail me at

August will make for a good issue about a great industry that continues to improve and make a difference in their communities. I know that after this past weekend, I sure am itching to get back into my normal eating and working out regimen, and that always includes regular visits to the club (health, not dance). --Jennipher

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