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Some Products on the Exhibit Hall Floor

During the past two days, I've made several booth visits.

On Thursday, I met with Keith White, director of global branding at Star Trac, to find out about the company's new eSpinner bike. The eSpinner is a Spin bike for the cardio floor rather than the Spin room. Using the 15-inch touch screen, users are guided through an interactive Spinning program. White says that the technology is easy to navigate, and it did appear to me to be fairly easy. It's a way to introduce people to spinning without them going into the spin room, and it's a way for those who like Spin classes to get a workout in if the Spin class isn't offered at an appropriate time for them.

Later, I visited the Life Fitness booth. The company is reintroducing its Life Fitness Academy, according to Kerri O'Brien, director of education for Life Fitness. Club owners who purchase Life Fitness equipment can train their staff about Life Fitness equipment through manuals and tests, online training and in-person training. I also spoke with Jack Hugh about the iPod connections and the virtual trainer option on the company's cardio products. A nice feature for people who want to change up their workouts.

I then stopped by the True Fitness booth where Courtney Sorrells, product manager, told me about the company's CS5.0 treadmill. It comes in three sizes with a range of options depending on the size and price point. The treadmill has a digital contact heart rate monitoring system and a Polar wireless telemetry system.

I also saw True's CSX elliptical, which is a rear entry elliptical. It allows users to have a lower-body workout, an upper body workout or both at the same time. This morning during early morning workouts, I tried out the elliptical in a 30-minute class led by Chuck Howard, who has his own clubs in Phoenix, but who is also the “minister of motivation” at True Fitness. He gave me some new moves to try on my elliptical at my club.

Today, I stopped by the Matrix booth to see their new treadmills. Andrew Kolman, product manager, treadmills and entertainment, was kind enough to show me about. Matrix has a new line of treadmills – the T7xe, T7x and T5x. The treadmills offer an array of features, including compatibility with iPod on the T7xe and T7x and a 15-inch touch-screen LCD TV on the T7xe. All three models are equipped with advanced technology. Right now, the control panel reminds me of a car's control panel. There are even "handles" that users can grip to control the level of the workout. Andrew was especially proud of how the products were designed after much input from 600 club owners, operators and fitness enthusiasts.

I then walked over to the Octane Fitness booth where I talked with Julie King, their PR person. She showed me the company's seated elliptical, the xRide. Definitely a cross between a bike and elliptical. This option is for older adults, people who are rehabilitating, obese individuals or just someone who wants a little easier workout to mix up their exercise. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to see their new standing elliptical, the Pro370.

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