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Some Loyalties Run Deeper than Skin Deep

I have a crazy story for you that might make you envious. How loyal are your members to your company's brand? Are they loyal enough to wear your T-shirts around town? Are they loyal enough to carry your branded bag, coffee mug or water bottle around with them? Are they loyal enough to tell their friends about you, join your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter? Maybe. If so, congrats. But are they loyal enough to brand themselves with your logo? Probably not.

But some Anytime Fitness members and franchisees are so gung-ho about the Anytime brand that they've had the company's logo (a little purple running man) tattooed on their bodies. At the company's franchisee meeting in September, franchisees lined up to get the tattoo (and, yes, I'm talking a permanent tattoo, not one of those kinds that wash off in a few days)--paid for by Anytime Fitness corporate. Chuck Runyon, CEO and co-founder, even has one of the tattoos, but he insists that no franchisees were pressured to follow him.

So, has Anytime Fitness hit on a new "branding" idea? I'm not sure I'd ever be loyal enough to any brand to get its logo tattooed on my body, but then again, I'm just not a tattoo sort of person.

The question is, is Anytime Fitness doing something so right that its members and franchisees want to express their loyalty through a tattoo, or is the logo just cute enough and abstract enough that it became something "cool" that will pass with time? I don't know, but I'd say that if you think your members are loyal enough to do this, you might want to make sure your logo could transfer into a cool tattoo--and then you might want to start sporting one on your arm around the club!

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