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Skeleton Crew

It's been pretty quiet around here in the office. Too quiet.

Actually, it should have been even quieter today, the first day of the IHRSA show in San Diego. But for many reasons, chief of which being my wife is due to deliver our second daughter next week, I decided to stay home. We've had friends deliver their babies early the past few weeks, and it was just too big of a gamble on my part to be gone at this time.

I'm not the only one from our staff who is missing the first day of the IHRSA show. Jennipher Shaver has been under the weather all week, and she had to postpone her arrival in San Diego until Thursday.

Tuesday was a real bang-up day around here. Jennipher was home recuperating, as was our senior art director, Jennifer Ray, who also was not feeling well. Pam Kufahl and I were in the office, but I had to step out for a while to be with my wife at the doctor's office. Did anything get done around here Tuesday? Maybe a little, but at least the March issue is already done.

With my being out of the office for a few days last week, and Pam being gone for a couple of days to go on her excellent adventure in Dallas, the four of us haven't been together in the office for a full day's work since ... October? At least it seems that way.

Pam should be reporting from San Diego soon, as will Jennipher later in the week. Like some of you, I'll be eager to read this blog to find out what Dick Vitale and Martina Navratilova had to say at the IHRSA show.

On Monday, we should all be back here in the office, together again for the first time. But you never know. There could be an early delivery.

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