Behind the Scenes

Sick Days

I appreciate that my boss, Pam Kufahl, tried to make me look good while I was out of the office for a couple of days battling the stomach flu. Pam said that I was still calling and e-mailing contacts by my computer at home.

Truth be told, I did a little e-mailing and made a couple of calls. But this illness knocked me down like no other in recent memory. I've trudged through head colds and sore throats before, but the stomach flu is one body blow from which you just can't recover quickly enough.

The good thing is I lost a few pounds, which gave me an idea on a new weight-loss plan. Call it "The Stu Flu." Follow these five easy steps: 1. Get violently ill. 2. Eat only crackers. 3. Drink plenty of Sprite/7-Up. 4. Don't move a whole lot. 5. Repeat.

For other recommendations, consult your physician.

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