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Shane Snow's 2015 Club Industry Show Keynote Will Share How to Accelerate Success

2015 Club Industry Show Keynoter Shane Snow. (Photo credit: Martin Bentsen)

How did a world-famous children's hospital cut its mortality rate in half overnight?

How do champion surfers and race drivers set records and edge out more experienced competition?

How did the fastest-rising companies, empires and leaders come about, and what made the difference between those who lasted and those who did not?

All of these questions can be explored through a simple, yet complex question: How do breakthroughs happen?

This question has been studied for years by 2015 Club Industry Show keynote speaker Shane Snow. The award-winning journalist and tech entrepreneur plans to bring his research to life in a high-energy keynote address at 9:45 a.m. on Oct. 8 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

The goal of Snow's keynote, "The Art and Science of Accelerating Success in Business and Life," is to show attendees a framework for finding smarter paths to accelerated success, and how to beat the plateau and generate momentum in work and life. Snow's framework will help attendees find effective ways to innovate and add fresh ideas to any part of a club's business.

Snow also plans to share ways to train yourself and your teams to think differently, to stay ahead when competition is fast to follow and to get exponential results for the same amount of effort in marketing, recruiting and strategy.

Snow often speaks about accelerating success in business as well as spurring and managing change. He is the bestselling author of "Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success," and the chief creative officer of media and marketing company Contently.

An Idaho native, Snow holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He has been called a "Wunderkind" by The New York Times and a "Digital Maverick" by Details Magazine. His work has been called "insanely addicting" by GQ.

Snow's writing has appeared in Wired Magazine, The New Yorker, Fast Company, Mashable, Gizmodo, The Washington Post, New Scientist and The Huffington Post, among others. He is a member of LinkedIn's Influencer program, where he blogs alongside Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Martha Stewart.

Snow has been named one of Forbes' "30 Under 30 Media Innovators," Inc.'s "30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs" and Business Insider's "100 Coolest People in Tech." He received Columbia University's 2014 Innovator Award "for furthering the cause of journalism."

Snow's keynote address will follow the presentation recognizing Augie Nieto as the 2015 Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

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