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The Science Behind Sports Nutrition Lags Behind the Marketing

The Science Behind Sports Nutrition Lags Behind the Marketing

The sports nutrition and weight loss supplement industry is a $35 billion business with crossover in consumers within the health club industry. (Photo by Thinkstock.)

Too many sports nutrition manufacturers are marketing the benefits of new ingredients in their products before scientific studies have validated the benefits and lack of harm from those ingredients, but a growing number of responsible sports nutrition companies are starting to put science before sales, or so says the "Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss Report" by Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ), a sister brand to Club Industry.

The number of published studies on supplements has increased from about 10 annually in the early 2000s to 90 in 2014, according to the report. However, the report questions whether the growth in these studies is accompanied by a watering down of the science.

Sales in the sports nutrition and weight loss supplement industry was $35 billion in 2015 compared to $81 billion in global sales in the health club industry. However, the sports nutrition and weight loss supplement industry, which is divided into five segments in the report (sports and energy drinks, sports nutrition supplements, nutrition bars, weight loss meal supplements and weight loss pill supplements) includes a large number of crossover consumers, so keeping up on what's happening in this industry can be important to health club operators.

Club Industry teamed with NBJ to offer you a free look at the table of contents and the executive summary of the report. To access the free preview, fill out the form below. The executive summary shares how much sales in the sport nutrition and weight loss supplement industry has grown, calculates growth by channel (including health clubs) and goes into further detail about the content of the full report.

At the end of the free downloadable executive summary, you can click on a link to purchase the full report for $3,595 from NBJ.


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