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Off to the Races

I suppose I should update you guys on the race front, as I told you I would a couple of weeks ago.

So, I ran the 5K and did OK...I guess. My performance wasn‘t to my liking, of course, because I wanted to be as good as I was in high school. I ran the race in about 34 minutes, which for me isn‘t all that great. (Most of you are probably thinking “What a slow poke,” and believe me, I thought that, too.)

I already have plans for next year, though. I want to train some more, track how I progress, and run the race again in 2008. I‘m determined to get back into running and trek on with the upcoming races. We‘ll see how it all goes. I‘ll keep you updated on this as I continue.

Well, I‘ll stop boring you with my less-than-stellar running habits and share with you a little bit about my adjustment while writing for Club Industry‘s Fitness Business Pro magazine. As I said before, I wrote for a yearbook in college, so my audience has always been students, and I sort of considered them consumers. But Club Industry‘s audience, as you know, consists mainly of club owners and managers. I‘ve definitely had to adjust to writing for an audience who knows about the industry and how things work. I mostly write about all the new products that come through the industry or conferences that we think you would be interested in attending. It‘s definitely been an adjustment, especially when I don‘t know the ins and outs of the business. I‘m certainly learning a lot by working with the magazine, and I‘m liking the experience.

I‘ll stop rambling now and get back to doing...well...nothing. That‘s why I was doing this. (Ha ha.) I‘ll check back in later, though. Hopefully, you‘ve enjoyed the posts from the new kid in town. -Kelsey

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