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Polar and NESTA Team

I sat in on the Polar/NESTA press conference yesterday afternoon to get some insight into the partnership between the heart rate monitor manufacturer and the certification organization. NESTA is now offering a PFT 2.0 certification that includes use of the Polar monitors. The presenters talked about how use of the monitor can help retain members because monitors are the only objective way to measure a workout. (After all, can you really believe your clients when they say they are working at their maximum level?)

As part of the education process before taking the certification exam, trainers learn the practical application of the science and business of training. Trainers also learn the benefits of the heart rate technology, and they learn to use the technology to help them get and retain clients.

I originally had thought of the Polar monitor as a device to use for cardio workouts, but as the presenters explained during the session, trainers can also use it to monitor heart rates during strength workouts.

I like the idea of trainers learning how to use any heart rate monitor since I have one and find their use to be a little more complicated than I'd like them to be, which means, of course, that I don't use mine. --Pam

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