Behind the Scenes

Is Pilates a Fad?

When Pilates first became popular in health clubs, a lot of people thought it might just be a fad, but then the programming seemed to have legs, ranking as a top fitness trend for several years. However, a recent survey by the American College of Sports Medicine showed that the 2,200 surveyed fitness professionals around the world suddenly didn't think of Pilates as a top trend for the coming year.

So, now some media are asking whether the weak economy has caused the demise of Pilates and whether boot camps are now the new hot trend. The Reuters article makes a good point in that Pilates is perceived as higher priced than boot camps, and a lot of time-crunched people want the cardio and strength workout that boot camps provide in one program but that Pilates generally does not.

I agree that boot camps are hot. Still, I find it hard to believe that Pilates has run its course. What do you think?

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