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The Patience of the LaLannes

You can tell that Jack LaLanne loves the spotlight. Despite being born a bit of an introvert, according to his wife, he comes alive when he gets on stage and starts talking fitness. He was completely "on" this morning as he offered the keynote address (see Stephanie's blog below).

After the keynote and the presentation of the Best of the Best award to Mr. LaLanne (at the conclusion of which, I received a peck on the cheek from him), Jack sat outside the room for more than an hour signing autographs and taking pictures with more than a hundred people. He didn't just sign his name on the commemorative covers. No, he asked each person's name and personalized each cover for them. I don't know how many times he flexed his muscles for the camera this afternoon, but he never seemed to tire of it. He seemed to love that he was in a crowd of people who loved fitness and who were making it their job to bring fitness to others.

Elaine LaLanne worked the line of autograph seekers like a real pro. Many of the people in line stood there for more than an hour to get his autograph. She spoke to each one, and when it became clear that Jack wouldn't be able to sign everyone's picture in the time allotted, she had people put their addresses on the back of the commemorative covers, and she promised to get them signed and returned in the mail as quickly as possible. She then directed that everyone remaining would still get their picture taken with Jack. And they all did!

As I type this, I'm sure they are at the NBC station here in Chicago, as he was to appear on the 5 p.m. news show. At 6 p.m. (central time), video from the keynote address and awards presentation is to appear on the local CBS station. (See the video now.) And tomorrow morning, he's to appear live on the WGN morning program. Once the other videos are posted, we'll provide a link to each here so you can enjoy his appearances.

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