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Behind the Scenes

Oregon Owner Makes the Right Call in Child Care Case

The case of the missing boy in Oregon has a tie to a fitness club, and by the looks of things, the club owner made a very wise decision.

A 7-year-old boy named Kyron Horman has been missing since early June. The investigation is still ongoing, but questions surround Kyron's stepmother, Terri Horman, about her possible involvement in his disappearance.

Last month, Bob Briede, the owner of Xtreme Edge fitness center in Beaverton, OR, said Terri Horman approached a worker at the club's child care center and asked to take her 19-month-old daughter, Kiara, who was in the child care center while her father, Kaine Horman, worked out at the club. (Court documents were released last week claiming Terri Horman was "looking to abduct" Kiara.)

Briede said Terri Horman's behavior was odd, and he notified the authorities. Kiara remained in the child care center after Terri Horman left. Terri has since been banned from the club.

In another case in April, a stranger attempted to take a child from a child care center while the father worked out. Luckily, the staff disallowed it.

As part of the club industry's attempt to certify clubs, one of the suggestions proposed is to have each member who brings a child into the child care center receive a bracelet or stamp that matches a bracelet or stamp that their child also receives. As Graham Melstrand of the American Council on Exercise points out, there's a kid check program involving matching stamps for kids and their parent(s) at, of all places, Chuck E. Cheese.

It's not certain what Terri Horman planned to do with Kiara, and it is still unknown if she had a hand in Kyron's disappearance. But at Xtreme Edge, the staff and owner did absolutely the right thing. The only person who should take a child from a child care center is the person who left him or her there in the first place. No questions asked.

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