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Online Fitness Following Translates Well for Group Exercise Instructors

Fitness studios are placing a greater emphasis on a fitness instructor's Internet presence as personality plays an even bigger part in group fitness attendance. An online presence on social media sites can help group exercise instructors net larger amounts of followers who in turn will follow them to a facility for their favorite workout.

The Wall Street Journal recently discussed how the popularity in group fitness classes at Equinox clubs in New York is increasingly based off the popularity of Patricia Moreno, an aerobics instructor who has built her own following beyond the facilities at which she teaches. Instructors often market themselves online by posting videos or fitness tips to their Facebook followers, the newspaper reported.

At Equinox gyms, about 45 percent of members attend group classes, Carol Espel, senior national director of group fitness and Pilates at Equinox, told the newspaper. She credited the relationship between instructor and student that makes group fitness so popular.

And, while Kathryn Budig works at YogaWorks in Los Angeles, her 20,000 Facebook followers travel with her when she visits yoga studios throughout the world, The Wall Street Journal reported. Her upcoming move to Florida is leaving fervent fans behind.

Linda Mitchell, director of marketing and public relations at Newtown Athletic Club (the NAC), told Club Industry that a fitness instructor in Newtown, PA, had such a loyal following that when one of the facilities where she taught stopped offering group fitness classes, 14 women followed her to the NAC to continue under her tutelage.

So whether it's a Twitter following or workouts on YouTube, the buzz surrounding a fitness instructor can reach greater heights and may be increasingly important to a facility when hiring.

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