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Oh, and the Baseball Draft is Here

One thing that made my trip to Orlando on Midwest Express even more exciting than the wide leather seats, ample leg room and on-time arrival, was that a childhood hero of mine was on the plane--Frank White. The name may not mean anything to some of you, but he was a long-time Kansas City Royals second baseman (and repeated Gold Glove winner). As a child growing up near Kansas City, I had three favorite Royals players: George Brett, Willie Wilson and Frank White. And there he was--Frank White waiting in the gate with the rest of us and then sitting just two rows ahead of me on the same side of the plane! He kept rubbing the back of his head with his left hand--on which sat the World Series ring he won in the 1985 World Series!

Only one of the airport workers approached him for an autograph, and he seemed to be trying to keep a low profile in the gate, sitting off to the side with the two gentlemen he was with. So, I refrained from gushing all over him. However, I did quietly call both my boyfriend (who is an avid baseball fan) and my mother (who is an avid Royals fan) to let them know who I had the good fortune of sitting near. I sensed a tinge of envy in both their voices.

According to my boyfriend, White was headed to Orlando to represent the Royals in the baseball draft. Goodness knows we--I mean, the Royals--need a little of the "magic" that Disney World promises. I hope we--er, the Royals--get it with this draft! --Pam

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