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Is an Obesity Vaccine the Answer?

Recent research has indicated that some people are just more genetically predisposed to being heavy than others. And researchers at Harvard University say that America will soon have a 42 percent obesity rate (although others claim we've topped out at 34 percent), blaming the climb on obese friends making people feel more comfortable about also being obese.

So it's probably no wonder that researchers have been working on an obesity vaccine and pills to control weight. One company in the United States has just been awarded a project grant to develop an anti-obesity vaccine.

I'm not against helping those who have a predisposition to being heavy get a little helping hand to increase their chances of living at a more healthy weight. I'm just concerned that the word "vaccine" implies that the vaccinated person then has no reason to do anything to make themselves fit. An obesity vaccine would only be the start of an obese person's new health and fitness routine. Being healthy isn't just about not being obese. It's also about having a strong heart, which comes from cardiovascular workouts. It's also about having strong muscles and bones, which come from strength training. It's also about being flexible, which comes from stretching. It's also about core strength, lowered stress, good balance and so much more.

Granted, an anti-obesity vaccine may never happen, but if it does, will that be good for the true health and fitness of an increasingly obese society? What do you think?

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