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Next Dallas Stop: Baylor Tom Landry

My next stop on my Dallas tour was Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center, where I met with Phil Tyne, a former San Diego Chargers strength and conditioning coach. He retired from that role several years ago, but I caught a glimpse of some of his football memorabilia in his office, including a picture of him on the sidelines at the infamous 1982 playoff game in Cincinnati where the wind chill hovered around 59 degrees below zero (thanks, Stuart, for the sports history on this one). I also found out that Phil had invented some commercial exercise devices that he sold on QVC at one time.

Phil showed me around this hospital-based facility where they recently converted a basketball court into space for more strength and cardio equipment. It was a better use of the space, he said. Telos had done the same thing, I recalled.

The pools were also impressive, especially since they use an ultraviolet light system to keep the water clean. They use chlorine in the water, too, but only because the state of Texas requires that pools in the state use chlorine.

The facility is a hotbed for triathletes who train within the club‘s walking track using the bikes they‘ll ride in the triathlons. They set up the bikes together and make them stationary using a special device. Then, they go through a Spin-like class as they watch a screen that shows the Tour de France route. I would have loved to have seen that class in action.

The grounds around the facility were well manicured and included a picturesque stream, a small waterfall, some bronze sculptures and a walking trail. The weather was spring-like in Dallas that day, so I was tempted to stick my toes in the water, but instead, I moved onto my next visit, Gold‘s Gym International. But before I arrived, I had a little adventure. You‘ll have to read the next entry to see what that was. --Pam

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