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Newbies to the Gym, Like Mindy Lahiri, Try to Fit In

It's January, and everybody's excited about all the new members in the club. Well, almost everybody.

Let's check out a few responses on Twitter to see how things are going, shall we? I mean, if movie studios can use random tweets from non-critics to say how good their movies are (even when they're really not), we can, too, right?

Thanks to a report from ABC's "Good Morning America," we have a few tweets from which to choose. Here's one from @JedidiahBila, who wrote, "Off to the gym, where I'll see a bunch of people I've never seen before (& will likely never see again after February 1)."

Hmmm. That's a little intense. OK, let's try someone else. Here's one from @TheLollipopking, who wrote, "You can tell the New Year's crowd is funneling into the gym when one woman brings in an Oh Henry bar to snack on while 'working out.'"

OK, that's pretty funny, but still not feeling the positive vibes here. Let's check out what @saraegoodman has to say. She wrote, "Dear everyone at the gym today who won't still be here in a month: I hate you. Wipe your machines down and go home!"

Whoa! Way harsh! It appears that account has been deleted. Anyway, let's scroll down to try to find a more positive response. Here's one from @KdgEatsRocks, who wrote (in all caps, mind you), "Gonna go to the gym and grunt real loud when I deadlift so the resolution kids don't come back tomorrow."

This is probably not a member of Planet Fitness.

We all know that this is the busiest time of the year for health clubs, and sometimes the newbies bring a different vibe to the club. Take Mindy Lahiri, for instance. Mindy (played by Mindy Kaling on "The Mindy Project") hired friend and co-worker Danny Castellano as her personal trainer in Tuesday night's episode.

Mindy showed up at the gym—an old, sweat-and-grimy gym, not one with fancy amenities and "TVs with Bravo on them"—wearing "performance rhinestones" on her top and something called Fat Steps ultra-wide shoes on her feet. ("Chris Christie wears them on the campaign trail. Our next president," Mindy says.) Danny finally motivates her in her workout by getting her to picture herself trying to save distressed Hollywood stars in serious danger. Later, Mindy and Danny have a run-in in the, ahem, coed steam room.

So Mindy's experience as a new gym member wasn't quite what most gym owners, club operators and fellow members expect. But there is hope from some of the tried-and-true members out there. Take @Derekrva, who wrote on Twitter, "These are the rules new gym goers: Don't hog the machine, wipe down your equipment, no curls on the squat rack & make it fun."

There. That wasn't so bad, was it?

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