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The New Kid is Signing Off

It seems like yesterday that I wrote my first blog. Not that I‘ve written very many -- I think my last one was back in August, a whole season ago. The point is, I‘m leaving the staff as of next Thursday to continue my journey in my career, whatever that may be. Sadly, my internship is over and it‘s time for me to go. I‘ve enjoyed writing for the magazine and working with Pam, Jenn, Stuart and Jen. It‘s been great.

I learned a lot about the fitness industry, and it‘s a big world out there. There is a lot to know and a lot to think about. I certainly know more about what it takes to run a fitness club than I used to.

I hope those of you who have read my articles in the magazine, in the e-newsletter or online have enjoyed them. I had fun writing them.

As I blogged about before, I continued to run a few races in the latter days of summer and into the fall. Don‘t worry -- I got better. I ran my last race in mid-October and did pretty well, although I would like to continue on the downhill slide. I have a race in February and hope to do decently in that, although I haven‘t run in a while. With the holiday season upon us, it‘ll be hard, but the motivation to do well should kick in, and hopefully I‘ll do OK. Apparently, my running group has a goal to run a marathon relay next fall. We‘ll see how that goes.

OK, I‘m done rambling about my running. I need to get back to doing the not-so-big, basically flat, mountains of work I was doing.

It‘s been a good ride, and maybe you‘ll see my name in the magazine again after the first of the year. (Who knows?) But I‘ve enjoyed it, and, like I say at the end of everything, talk to you later. --Kelsey

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