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More Workouts are Going to the Dogs

More Workouts are Going to the Dogs

Fitness classes in which dogs can work out alongside their owners are becoming more popular. (Photo courtesy of Go Fetch Run.)

Looking for a new workout partner? Try your dog.

A growing number of trainers and studios are offering classes designed to help exercisers and their four-legged friends burn calories together.

Like many pet owners, trainer Angi Aramburu found herself struggling to balance her fitness needs with her dog's. So earlier this year, she created Go Fetch Run, a Brooklyn, NY-based company that lets people enjoy fitness classes with their dogs.

Her outdoor boot camp classes include cardio that owners can do with their dogs. While the owners do strength training, the dogs have to stay still, making the class both a workout and a lesson in obedience.

Aramburu also works with dog trainers to make sure the workouts are safe for pets.

Although Go Fetch Run, which is in the process of becoming a franchise, is the first company of its kind in the New York area, similar classes have popped up across the country offering everything from "doga" (dog yoga) to "dogstacle" courses.

Aramburu attributes the popularity of dog fitness classes to the growing number of people looking for new workouts and trying to make their pets a bigger part of their lives.

"It's fun just to have that bonding time with your dog," Aramburu says. "The people are busy getting in a good workout, and the dog just thinks you're there to play with them. And no matter how hard the workout is, your dog is going to make you laugh and smile. I think it just increases the stress relief benefits of your workout."

"And you know, dogs are good workout partners," Aramburu adds. "They're never going to stand you up. They're never going to be late. Your dog will always be there."

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