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More Details about Trainer Certification

Issues with certification and licensing of personal trainers have many people in our industry expressing passionate views on the subject. One of the most passionate people on this subject is Jay Delvecchio, president and CEO of World Instructor Training Schools (WITS).

Jay was one of the voices heard several years ago when the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) was putting together its recommendations about personal trainer certifications. Now, he's keeping track of many of the personal training licensing bills in state legislatures. He recently sent me two letters about the certification process. One lamented the lack of standards in CEUs and certifications. The other offered his thoughts on various levels of certification. I invited Jay to write a Step by Step Vendor Viewpoint on this subject, and you should see that in January 2010.

However, prior to Jay's column being posted, I wanted to pass along the address of a Web site that Jay has set up with more certification information. Here's an excerpt from Jay's letter, with the Web site at the end:

"The certification process is currently unregulated by the industry itself or by state governments. This lack of regulation is leading to certifications that do not require extensive study, practical skill application or internships. These diluted certifications are putting the reputation of my industry and the consumer at risk. After more than 16 years of building a curriculum based on academic integrity that has earned the trust at universities and colleges, I feel compelled to action, as I know I can help. Additional information can be found on a secure 'Fitness Industry Issues' tab at, User: ImageandBills, Password: Solutions (all case sensitive)."

So if you'd like to see and hear more about what Jay has to say, please visit his Web site. Whether or not you agree with him, this issue is being discussed, and it's important to educate yourself about it and then make your opinion known.

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