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Missing: Jeff Klinger

The recent Delta Airlines in-flight magazine features an article about Anytime Fitness. In the article, Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen are mentioned as the company's co-founders. But there is no mention of Jeff Klinger, the other co-founder of Anytime Fitness.

Keep in mind that Klinger left the company late last year. Ironically, Klinger said he read the article (found on page 98 in this month's issue of Delta Sky magazine) during a Delta flight just this week. In an e-mail, Klinger also said that he was "not at all" mad when he saw that his name was not included.

Technically, Runyon and Mortensen are co-founders of the company. It's just a little strange that, a few weeks after his departure, Klinger was not mentioned.

Anytime Fitness spokesperson Mark Daly is a former TV newsman who always has been responsive to our needs. Daly will do his best to set the record straight on any matter that involves Anytime Fitness. When asked to sort out the whole co-founder conundrum, Daly provided the following:

"Dave Mortensen has been intimately involved in the development of Anytime Fitness from the very beginning," Daly wrote in an e-mail. "He, Chuck Runyon, and Jeff Klinger conceptualized the business model and collaborated on the vision for the company. Runyon and Klinger were most frequently described as the founders of Anytime Fitness because they focused on the operation and growth of the company, while Mortensen played a leading role in the development of Anytime Fitness' integrated security, usage tracking and billing systems. In retrospect, perhaps Mortensen should also have been described as a founder from the very beginning. As you know, Jeff Klinger recently left Anytime Fitness to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors. Thus, it is accurate and appropriate to refer to Mortensen and Runyon as the founders of Anytime Fitness."

So there you go.

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