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The Lifetime Achievement Winner Is...

Well, after much deliberation, we made a decision on the Lifetime Achievement winner for this year (Doesn't that just conjure images of the editors sitting around a table in a dimly lit room with half-empty glasses of hard liquor scattered about the table and smoke wafting from cigarettes resting in ashtrays? Believe me, the real process is much less "movie-like.")

We had several qualified candidates, but our choice is industry veteran Alan Schwartz, co-founder and chairman of TCA in Chicago. Not only has he played a big role in TCA's expansion in the Chicago area and other parts of the country, but he's played an even bigger role in moving tennis forward in the professional and recreational realms. He is currently chairman and president of the U.S. Tennis Association.

You can read a Q&A with him here.

We're excited to be presenting this award to him at 11:30 am on Oct. 11 at the Club Industry show in Chicago.

Each year for the past four years, we've scoured the history of fitness to find someone we think is worthy of our Lifetime Achievement Award. The first year that award went to Joe Weider of Weider Publishing. The second year, we chose Joe Gold, founder of Gold's Gym and World Gym. The next year, we gave the award to Judi Sheppard Missett of Jazzercise. And last year, the award went to Rick Caro of Management Vision. Each of these people were very deserving of the award in different ways because each made an unique contribution to fitness. We're pleased to add Alan's name and accomplishments to this distinguished list. -Pam

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