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Let's Meet at the IHRSA Show—What's Your Schedule?

It's IHRSA time again! (OK, the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association annual convention and trade show…whew!)

As this week's show in Las Vegas drew nearer, the requests to visit vendors and attend parties began rolling in with a head of steam. Two weeks ago, we here at Club Industry weren't seeing a lot of action (regarding the IHRSA show—that's what I was referring to). Within the last week to 10 days, however, it's been no holds barred. By email or by the traditional phone call, booth visit requests began piling up. So have the schedule change requests, one of which occurred while I was posting this very item.

My favorite emails were not really booth visit requests but more promotional pieces on behalf of vendors, emails that hit my inbox over the weekend. It's almost as if Saturdays and Sundays were deemed the best times to give a shout-out to industry media. I can just imagine those strategy meetings:

IHRSA Exhibitor Executive (to staff): "We really need to get our new product out there. What's the best time and day to promote it?

Staff Member No. 1: "How about 2:30 on Saturday afternoon?"

Staff Member No. 2: "I think noon on Sunday works best."

IHRSA Exhibitor Executive: "Genius! You're both getting raises!"

And yes, we're back in Las Vegas. For most of us, it's been a long five months since we were last in Sin City for the Club Industry show. A few of you were just in Nevada for the NIRSA show.

While the recent run of Las Vegas shows has been fun and all, like all good things, it will come to an end. Our show is heading back to Chicago in October. (Operators are standing by. Or, just register on our show website.) IHRSA has announced its next three shows are in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. NIRSA's next four shows are in Nashville, Dallas, Orlando and Washington, DC. Athletic Business will hold its show this year in San Diego and its next two shows in Orlando and New Orleans.   

So, I hope to see you this week at IHRSA! Actually, that's more wishful thinking on my part than a real heartfelt desire. IHRSA said last year's show attracted almost 12,000 industry professionals from 80 countries. What are the odds that I'll see you this year? With those numbers, slim, at best.

Regardless, I do hope to see you at IHRSA. Just be glad the show will be over before the weekend. My inbox could use a rest. 

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