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Last Days for July

We're in our last three days of production for the July issue. It came down to the wire on the Top 100 list. I kept plugging away (with the help of Stuart, Jenn and Rick Caro) at some of the last club companies to turn in their forms. I was disappointed in some of the clubs that didn't submit their forms this year, especially Gold's Gym, Equinox and LA Fitness, probably the three biggest players who wanted to keep their 2006 revenue under wraps. Oh well, it is a free country so they have a right to keep that secret if they'd like.

Speaking of freedom, Stuart, Jenn and I are working away in an almost completely empty office building as the company closed each office at 1 p.m. to allow everyone an early start on the Fourth of July holiday. Stuart, Jenn and I are trying our darndest to get our assignments done so we can go to press with the issue on Friday. However, Bally's late Friday filing of its financials and inclusion of that information in our top news story for July has put Stuart a bit behind, and the Top 100 club list always puts me behind. Plus, I've been gathering the Best of the Best entries to send to judges next week. If you haven't submitted yours yet, you can still do so if I get the entries by Monday, July 9.

Oh--and Jenn's here just to help Stuart and me catch up!

Have no fear, though. We'll be leaving soon to celebrate the holiday with our families tomorrow. Here's hoping you can do the same. Have a safe Independence Day! - Pam

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