Behind the Scenes

LA Lawsuit

LA Fitness has sure had its share of legal battles lately. We recently posted a story about an Orlando woman who is suing the Irvine, CA-based company for contracting Legionnaires' disease.

Previously, we reported on a lawsuit brought against LA Fitness and R&B singer Chris Brown by a photographer who alleges he was assaulted by Brown's bodyguard after taking some photos of Brown at the club. We also reported on Maryland club members who fought the sale of their club to LA Fitness, although there was no lawsuit involved in that story.

Some other LA Fitness lawsuit stories that we didn't get to post include an Oregon woman who alleges LA Fitness managers sent her sexual text messages. There's also a story in which LA Fitness is on the plaintiff's side. The company is suing developers in Florida for their failure to pay impact fees.

You wonder how much LA Fitness is paying in legal fees. At least somebody's enjoying this economy.

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