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The LA Fitness Janitor Who Was a Bank Robber

Did you read the story about the LA Fitness janitor, who, as it turns out, was a serial bank robber? The story has a sad and tragic ending.

Michael Webb was recently promoted from janitor to facilities supervisor at an LA Fitness in the Miami suburb of Deerfield Beach, FL, according to a must-read story in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that has spread across the Internet.

Webb was hired by LA Fitness in 2008, but he went to jail for several months for a domestic battery charge that was later dismissed. Upon his release in 2010, the club's general manager, Sean Lynch, hired him again with the blessings of the corporate office, according to the article.

But Webb had had a lot of legal issues in his life. He served 3 1/2 years in Florida state prison after he was arrested in 1986 on a second-degree attempted murder charge, the Sun-Sentinel reported. He then robbed 11 South Florida banks over a seven-month period in 1989 and 1990. The "Bandanna Bandit" took in more than $100,000.

On Nov. 2, just four days after Webb received his promotion, he tried to rob a bank in Pompano Beach, FL. He had gained a new reputation as a "counter jumper," but this attempt went awry when a glass partition blocked the counter.

Webb fled, leading to a police chase that resulted in Webb flipping his truck onto a grassy area near the interstate. As Webb tried to crawl out of the truck with gun in hand, police shot and killed him. He was 56. His death left friends and co-workers—some of whom knew about his past; others didn't—shocked and stunned.

I asked LA Fitness about Webb and whether or not the company conducted a background check on him upon his hiring. LA Fitness sent me an email today, saying, "We don't have a comment on this ongoing investigation at this time."

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