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Jennipher Has Left the Building

It's a sad day for our magazine staff. Today, we said goodbye to Jennipher Shaver, our senior associate editor, who has moved on to another job doing marketing and training for a company in town that trains massage therapists and fitness instructors. The job is an excellent fit for her since it allows her to use her instructor skills and certifications as well as her writing skills. However, that doesn't make our sense of loss much lighter.

We hired Jenn four years ago. Just four months later, our editor left, and I moved from the managing editor position to the editor role. For several months while I looked for a new managing editor, we were the only two editors on the magazine, which meant we did all the writing, editing, production and other tasks that come with putting out a monthly magazine and keeping up a Web site. Her organizational skills made those months manageable, and her perky and pleasing personality made them actually enjoyable. I knew that if she could keep her chin up during those tough times that I would enjoy working with her.

While Jenn was here, she developed some great contacts within the military fitness area, something that took a lot of time and red tape cutting. We have her to thank for having Kelly Powell of Navy Fitness on our advisory board. She also developed some good contacts within the nonprofit area. Jenn also was the driving force behind our Step by Step columns, which are some of our most popular pages on our Web site. She developed a great relationship with our columnists. She also did such a great job with our One Last Thought department that I've asked her to contribute a few of those next year as well.

Because she'll be contributing columns on occasion (and because we live just a mile apart and belong to the same health club), I have no doubt that I'll keep in touch with Jenn.

I'm grateful to have worked with her for these past four years. I hope you also enjoyed getting to know her through her articles, blogs and any contact that you might have had with her at trade shows or through interviews she conducted for her stories. Best wishes, Jenn!

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