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Javits Goes Green

For me, one of the best parts about going to New York City is the increased chance of seeing a celebrity just walking by on the street. Unlike LA, which revolves around the celeb scene, New York is more subdued, even ignoring celebs at times. I hear that's why famous people like to live here so much. However, I'm not from NYC, and in Kansas City, we don't have many opportunities to see famous people. So, during the whole trip, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for one of the Olsen Twins, one of the girls from Sex and the City or even Beyonce (all reported to have residences in NYC).

Well, this morning I was beginning to lose hope of seeing a celeb. So far, Stuart and I thought we saw Amarosa from "The Apprentice," but a) she's not that big of a celebrity, so I‘m not sure if she counts and b) she looked really nice and friendly, so it probably wasn't her (or at least her persona on TV).

However, my fears were put to rest today at the Javits Convention Center. After coming out of part one of Robert Rose's seminar about developing a successful sport-specific training program, I saw Seth Green! (The seminar was great, by the way. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay through part two because I had a flight to catch, but if you're looking to learn more about sport-specific training, I recommend you check out his Explosive Performance facilities at Seth, probably best known for his role as Dr. Evil's son in the movie “Austin Powers” and his voice work on "Family Guy," looked to be a happy go-lucky guy and was there for Comic Con, a massive comic book convention that was also being held in Javits. (I always thought a lot of fitness people had interesting fashion choices at times, but this convention had them beat. I saw everything from mohawks and tight black leather to girls dressed as Little Bo Peep and Princess Leia.)

Celebrity sighting? Check that one off the list! --Jennipher

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