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Jack LaLanne on Jay Leno

Hey, did anybody see Jack LaLanne on "The Jay Leno Show" last night? I missed it, but you can see our Lifetime Achievement Award winner make his appearance with actor Vince Vaughn. Those chair exercises still work today!

LaLanne turns 95 on Saturday (Leno had a birthday cake for him on the set). Also, LaLanne and his wife, Elaine LaLanne, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. The LaLannes are holding a bash today at the swank Beverly Hills Wilshire hotel in Los Angeles. Feel free to send Jack and Elaine well wishes on this guestbook.

We're putting the finishing touches on our cover story about LaLanne for our October issue, which will feature a new design. In case you haven't heard, LaLanne will be in Chicago next month at the Club Industry show to receive his most deserving award and deliver the keynote address.

The process of writing this story about Jack LaLanne has been incredible—as rewarding as any in my career. I can't thank the LaLanne family enough for their contributions. Their many friends around the country were a huge help as well.

We're lucky to have contacted so many of the legendary figures in the fitness industry for this story, including Ray Wilson, Bob Delmonteque and our first Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Joe Weider. I've talked to so many octogenarians (and in Jack's case, a nonagenarian) that I hope to become one myself someday. Their zest and passion for life provide a blueprint for how we all should strive to live our lives.

Update: You've got to watch Jack on Fox News with Neil Cavuto on Monday from New York. Keep your ears open for the Richard Simmons comment with about 3:20 left. Hysterical!

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