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It's All About Sports, of Course

After 10 years of sportswriting, my first blog entry as the new managing editor for this magazine had to be about sports, right?

OK, so this won't be a regular sports spotlight, but I did manage to glean some information related to sports while conducting interviews for my upcoming functional training trend story.

I've had some good conversations with Bruce Carter, owner of Optimal Fitness Design Systems International and a regular contributor to this magazine. Bruce pointed out that ESPN (one of my favorite channels) doesn't air as many bodybuilding competitions as it once did. You would usually find these shows in the middle of the night when you couldn't sleep.

The body shapes of bodybuilders are unique to say the least, but to the average Joe or Josephine, they may be too intimidating. The fact that these shows aren't on as much, Bruce says, has something to do with the trend away from muscle building and more toward functional whole body training. We'll delve more into this topic in our March issue.

Also, during my conversation with someone else in the industry (let's just call him a well-fit "deep throat"), the name Arthur Jones - inventor of the Nautilus machines - surfaced. Jones' High Intensity Training methods revolutionized the 1970s. And that's when the 1972 Miami Dolphins popped into the discussion.

The '72 Dolphins are the only Super Bowl championship team in NFL history to go undefeated, capping a 17-0 season with a win over the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII. The NFL Network, through its series "America's Game", recently counted down the top 20 Super Bowl teams of all time, and the '72 Dolphins were ranked No. 1. I highly recommend watching the "America's Game" series. (If you don't have the NFL Network, my new favorite channel, call your local cable operator today!)

Anyway, those perfect Dolphins were among the first teams to use Jones' training methods, and they put them to good use. Apparently, the old adage that practice makes perfect is not quite right. Perfect practice makes perfect.

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