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It‘s getting hot in here...

No, this post is not in reference to Stuart‘s post (The Day the Lights Went Out, May 22). Thankfully, we haven‘t had a repeat power outage since that afternoon. (Although I do have to admit that leaving the office a few hours earlier than normal was pretty nice.) This post is about rising temperatures. Now that it‘s June, it‘s getting pretty toasty outside. While that‘s nice for the pool, it‘s not always so nice for fitness facilities--especially fitness facilities that don‘t have adequate cooling systems.

Hear comes the rant...

A health club I frequent (for their business‘ sake, the facility shall remain nameless) is not a place you want to be when it‘s warm outside, unless you‘re training for some sort of competition in a swamp. It‘s hot. It‘s muggy. It‘s dank. And this is just when you‘re standing there. It‘s a whole other sweaty ballpark when you‘re working out. It‘s so bad that the windows fog up. Gross, I know.

In my time working out at this facility, I‘ve come to know the coolest places in the joint. The rooms by the front desk aren‘t too bad, and the weight room has a nice breeze, but the true sanctuary from the sweltering heat is the group exercise room. It‘s always cool, crisp and refreshing. If there‘s one area this facility got right, it‘s the group ex room.

So, you‘ll see why I was so shocked when I attended a Latin-based dance class last week and almost died from heat exhaustion. Okay, maybe that‘s a bit over exaggerated, but I certainly feel as though someone could have died from heat exhaustion, especially if they shook their hips to full exertion, which I believe all 22 of us in that room didn‘t have the good sense to try. (If you think doing the salsa is hard on dry land, try it at 85-degrees with a sweat-spotted wood floor.)

I later learned that this scenario was not the club‘s fault. A new instructor subbing a mind/body class earlier that day had somehow figured out a way to increase the temperature in the studio for her class‘ needs. I had no idea the club offered Bikram yoga.

And, of course, no one could figure out how to get the temperature back down to normal, so we were left dancing and sweating with the heat blasting down on us in late May.

The one plus from this sweltering adventure though (besides the fact that the class was fun), is that the rest of the club, by comparison, seemed like an icebox...or a fridge with high humidity. Regardless, it felt better. And, I now remember to dress in layers when going to the gym, so that I can, take some clothes off, if it does get hot in here.

Note: Thankfully, the heating issue in the group ex studio was corrected the next day. The rest of the gym is another story. --Jennipher

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