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IHRSA Show Mish Mash

Just some random happenings at the IHRSA show:

The “famous:” Besides seeing Bill Pearl and Lou Ferrigno (separately, not together), I also ran into a former Kansas City Royals baseball player, Greg Pryor (former third baseman and utility player). That name means something to people in the Kansas City area, where I live. He was one of the players on the Royals' 1985 World Series Championship team. I discovered who he was in a roundabout fashion as I couldn't initially see his badge, but he was talking to me about a business venture he is pursuing, and then he noticed that our offices are located in Overland Park, KS, a suburb of Kansas City, MO, so he asked if I was a Royals fan. I said, “Well, if you're from Kansas City, of course, you have to be a Royals' fan.” He then handed me his business card, I saw his name and something registered but not quite all the way until he showed me the World Series ring on his left hand. I'd never seen one that close before, although I ran into Frank White (Gold Glove winning second baseman for the Royals during their heyday) at the Kansas City airport a few years ago and ended up sitting three rows behind him on the plane. He scratched his head a few times, and I got a glimpse of the ring then. Pryor seemed like a nice guy and excited about this new business venture.

The weather outside: All was bright and sunny on Wednesday and Thursday, but my how the weather can change in one day. Today, many attendees endured a downpour that soaked through their clothing and shoes on the walk from the hotels to the Moscone Center where much of the IHRSA show is being held. (I even had a man stop into the press room where I am sitting as I put this together and borrow my umbrella to go outside and grab a sandwich. I thought that would be the last I'd see of the umbrella, but he did return it.) I, fortunately, arrived at the convention center prior to the deluge. Lara Hale, our senior associate editor, and Chris Lasonde, our marketing manager, were not as fortunate. Both arrived sopping wet, and as I type this, Lara is drying out her shoes in the press room as she works up a story and tries to keep her toes warm.

The weather inside: I always bring a jacket to conferences because the temperature in the conference rooms and the exhibit hall is almost always somewhere between Arctic and Antarctic. The temperature in the exhibit hall yesterday was so balmy that I would have sworn we were in Florida, but today it has returned to its chilly norm.

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