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How Hollywood Is Marketing to Fitness Consumers This Summer

How Hollywood Is Marketing to Fitness Consumers This Summer

Celebrity trainers Nick Hounslow, left, and Teri Ann Krefting, right, host "The Legend of Tarzan" workout series on YouTube. (YouTube screen photo.)

Hollywood is targeting your health club's members – or potential health club members – with fitness programming tied into new movie releases.

The Wrap examined marketing tactics from some studios in a news story published last week. The report highlighted Crunch Fitness' partnership with 20th Century Fox's "X-Men: Apocalypse" and Warner Bros.' six-week YouTube workout series for "The Legend of Tarzan." Crunch Fitness' previous movie tie-ins included programming related to "Pitch Perfect 2" and "Magic Mike XXL."

Celebrity trainers Nick Hounslow and Teri Ann Krefting host the "The Legend of Tarzan" YouTube series, which has totaled more than 379,000 views as of Wednesday. 

"People who aren’t film fans or perhaps aware of a certain movie franchise will suddenly gain awareness because of the respect they have for a star’s build and dedication.” Hounslow told The Wrap. "You’re converting fitness fans to movie fans. That means movie tickets sold."

There are also opportunities to convert movie fans into fitness fans.

Workout Anytime was featured in the romantic comedy "Mother's Day" earlier this year. Jason Sudeikis' character, Bradley, is a Workout Anytime franchisee, and Jennifer Aniston's character, Sandy, is a member at the club.

Be sure to check out my story on how Workout Anytime found its way on the big screen in "Mother's Day" here. I interviewed Workout Anytime Chief Operating Officer Mark de Gorter for that piece, and he spoke positively about the awareness the movie would bring the franchise.

"They just did a great job of exposing our brand in a way that was fun, made a lot of sense and was very authentic," de Gorter said then. "To us, it was the ultimate example of art imitating life."

Workout Anytime had its own marketing plan, too, highlighting the brand's association with the film. A public sweepstakes earned a Tennessee woman a trip to the Hollywood premiere, and partnerships with other brands earned members discounts on flowers and free movie tickets for new members.

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