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'Gym Wildlife' Video Takes Gym Stereotypes to Extremes, Goes Viral

'Gym Wildlife' Video Takes Gym Stereotypes to Extremes, Goes Viral

If you are someone who loves wildlife documentaries, you might want to watch the latest "wildlife" documentary making the rounds. It focuses on the homo sapien variety of wildlife — in particular, those who inhabit your gyms.

"Gym Wildlife" is a video posted on the Buff Dudes Channel on YouTube on Dec. 28, 2015. As of Tuesday night, it had 16.8 million views. So if you haven't already seen this video, you are an endangered species.

The six-minute video is shot in the style of a National Geographic wildlife special, complete with a deep, overdramatic voiceover on steroids. It pokes fun at almost every gym-goer stereotype you can think of. It takes these stereotypes to the extreme for the sake of humor, so if you are uber PC, this video may not be for you. And if you don't like gratuitous shots of cleavage and groins, then be forewarned. As the screen shot below can attest, you will see a little of both — and hear a few curse words, too.  

How accurate these stereotypes are at most gyms today is a cause for debate. I am one of the women who has "dared to step off the safety of the treadmills" and set foot in the "harsh free weight terrain," but the guys at my gym don't seem to be phased by seeing women in that area. Perhaps that's because at my gym, about 40 percent of the people in the strength area are women.

Stick around 'til the last 45 seconds of the video to find your own breed mentioned: the "human cleaners" who are compared to pilot fish surrounding the shark species.

So watch this video before you become extinct. (And check out the video about the making of the video here.)


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