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Got (Chocolate) Milk?

I love chocolate milk! OK, love is a strong word, but my feelings toward chocolate milk approximate love. So I was extra excited to see the American College of Sports Medicine's recent release noting two studies that show fat-free chocolate milk might be a good post-exercise recovery drink. What luck! Now I can save my chocolate milk cravings for after exercise as a little reward—and the reward might actually help my body (as long as I don't go overboard with it, I suppose).

One study showed that chocolate milk supported skeletal muscle protein synthesis during recovery. The other study showed that it contributes to replenishing glycogen stores in muscles, a source of fuel during prolonged exercise.

These studies aren't new. Another study a few years ago touting the benefits of chocolate milk even inspired the University of Washington Huskies football coach to require his players to drink chocolate milk after practices. (According to our resident sports guru, Stuart Goldman, the team went 4-9 that year, so I'm not sure how much it helped.)

So, I started to think that in addition to all those fancy protein shakes that you sell in your juice bar, maybe you should add fat-free chocolate milk. It does a body good (or so they say).

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