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Gold's Offers JetBlue Flight Attendant Free Membership

Gold's Gym has taken a page out of the Town Sports International playbook by offering JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater a free membership.

Slater, if you haven't heard by now, made headlines this week by exiting through a JetBlue airplane's emergency exit after the plane had landed. Slater had had enough with the passengers on the flight, including one who had inadvertently hit Slater on the head with a bag from an overhead bin.

Gold's offer to Slater is good for a free one-year membership to the Gold's Gym of his choice. The offer, according to Gold's, is "to help alleviate the stress in his life through exercise" and to encourage Americans "to turn to fitness to help relieve their pent-up frustrations."

"Committing to a regular exercise routine is a great first step in giving Steven Slater a channel to begin working off the stress that has clearly come to a head in his life," Belisa Vranich, a clinical psychologist and a Gold's Gym Fitness Institute expert, said in a cleverly worded statement. "From running on the treadmill and hitting the weights to moving to the beat of a group exercise class, exercise is a scientifically proven method to combat the daily stress of life."

Vranich goes on to say that exercise "releases endorphins into your body that will make you feel good and increase your overall sense of well-being while boosting your mood and clearing your head of the everyday burdens that often weigh you down."

Last month, Town Sports International played off the headlines generated by Mel Gibson and his publicized rant by offering him a free membership for August and September. We mentioned the ad campaign in TSI's second quarter report, and here's a story from a Boston TV station.

(It didn't take long for TSI to come up with its own JetBlue/Steven Slater jab. Take a look.)

No word yet on whether Gibson or Slater have accepted their stress-reducing free memberships.

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