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Game On

As Pam wrote earlier this week, May is definitely in full steam. (And even that may be an understatement.) We‘re all in a whirlwind of writing, editing, posting, designing, etc. It‘s these times that I‘m glad I got into magazine journalism - there‘s a lot of creativity going on.

As Pam also mentioned, we meet regularly to pick out art for our articles and come together for headline brainstorming sessions. It‘s interesting to watch how one small idea or word can lead to a brilliant headline. In fact, lately, our headline writing meetings have taken on a competitive edge. It always feels good to come up with the “winning” headline, and at the last meeting of the minds, we decided to track them. Well, maybe everyone else was joking about it, but I‘d really like to keep track. So...I am.

Some simple rules:

1. Assists will be given when a very similar idea/headline sparks the winning headline. Assists will be counted as a separate statistic.

2. All parties must agree upon the winning headline, although the final decision always comes down to the boss, Pam.

3. Consideration will be given to the individual transcribing the headlines, as they have very little time to think with all of the ideas being thrown out.

Because I don‘t want to steal the thunder from our May issue before it even gets out of our office doors, I‘m not listing the actual headlines we came up with. However, I am posting our scores below. Competitors are listed in alphabetical order. --Jennipher

Headlines “Scored” in May Issue Meeting

Pam Kufahl (editor, aka the boss): 1

Stuart Goldman (managing editor, aka Stu): 1

Jennifer Ray (art director, aka Jen): 1

Jennipher Shaver (associate editor, aka Jenn): 1

Assists “Scored” in May Issue Meeting

Pam Kufahl (editor, aka the boss): 0

Stuart Goldman (managing editor, aka Stu): 0

Jennifer Ray (art director, aka Jen): 1 (to Stuart Goldman)

Jennipher Shaver (associate editor, aka Jenn): 1 (to Pam Kufahl)

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