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Fresh Perspectives from Experienced Leaders

Getting fresh perspectives is always important, especially when those perspectives are seasoned with experience. That's why we've added some experienced industry insiders to our advisory board for 2011. The board members will help us develop angles for our stories, plan our conferences and give us feedback about our website and other products.

You are likely familiar with at least some of the new members of our board. Steve Tharrett, president of Club Industry Consulting, has a long history in the business, including time with ClubCorp and international experience through the Russian Fitness Group. Michael Scott Scudder is an industry consultant who has been a club operator and a speaker at many of our Club Industry conferences and trade shows. Tom Fiorini, general manager at the Cincinnati Sports Club, offers a mix of experience from outside the club business as well as inside it. Billy Malkovich, CEO of Mountainside Fitness, is making a mark with his regional group of clubs. Anthony Slayen, a consultant with the JCC Association, will offer a perspective from the nonprofit side of the fitness business. And Lisa Sexauer, program manager for Navy Fitness, has a wealth of experience in bringing fitness to the armed forces and their families on bases, ships and in the field.

We not only look forward to the knowledge and input that these individuals will bring to our board, but we also look forward to continuing our relationship with board members who are continuing from last year: Rick Caro, Casey Conrad, Bill McBride, Doug Ribley, Steven Schwartz, Gene Grzywna and Karen Woodard-Chavez.

As you can see with the diversity of this group, we have the entire fitness industry covered—from for-profits to nonprofits to military to universities.

We are saying goodbye and thank you to two board members—Mark Mastrov of New Evolution Ventures and Stephen P. Roma of WOW!—both of whom helped us tremendously during the past several years.

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