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Is Free Fitness Really Free?

This comes from the department of "Why Didn't I Think of That?" A law student in New York is attempting to regularly work out at as many fitness clubs as she can in 2010 without spending a dime.

Julia Neyman, a Columbia Law School student, details her trials and tribulations of gym hunting on her blog "Buns of Steal." Even my spell check noticed the different but intended spelling of the word "steal."

Neyman was recently featured in the New York Daily News as well as on the local CBS affiliate. Another blogger believes she could end up with a book deal out of this.

Neyman, according to the Daily News report, begs, lies and finagles her way to free passes. Neyman denies all of this on her blog, saying she gets most of her free passes from the Internet and magazines, but she does admit to flirting once in a while for that extra day of a three-day pass.

(In other New York gym news, Adam Sandler and David Spade apparently grunted pretty loudly during a recent workout at a David Barton gym. Sandler and Spade never would have lasted in a Planet Fitness, which has a no grunting policy.)

Equinox has already denied access to Neyman after she attempted to go to a second Equinox club for a free trial. An executive from the New York Health and Racquet Club said in the TV report that people like Neyman cannot freeload too much for too long.

It's always interesting to read reader comments after a story. So far, the response has been mixed in terms of those who like her idea and those who think Neyman is ripping off these clubs. One commenter on the Daily News site asked why she doesn't just work out at Columbia's gym. Another commenter on another blog says that access to the Dodge Physical Fitness Center on Columbia's campus is included in her tuition bill.

What do you think about this endeavor? Is this a great way to fitness club shop or is it just one big publicity stunt?

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