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Fitness Plans Aren't One Size Fits All

Earlier this spring, a weight management clinic in Las Vegas began offering its patients a new diet and exercise program based on their DNA. It may sound like just another weight-loss gimmick, but it is a legitimate idea. Some scientists think that by analyzing a person's DNA they can determine which diet and exercise plans will work best for them.

Trainers, some of whom use the same cookie-cutter routine on everyone, can learn from this. Studies of DNA-based diet and fitness plans, while promising, are still inconclusive, but the fact that everyone is different isn't up for debate.

Most trainers can probably think of at least one member who tried hard to follow the prescribed exercise and diet program but then gave up after not seeing the results they wanted. They may have assumed that because this particular program didn't work, then this whole exercise regimen just wasn't for them. We don't need extensive research or expensive medical tests to see that what works for one member doesn't work for every member.

To make sure that members stick to their goals, trainers should keep in mind that each client is unique. Communicate that it's OK if a certain program or diet doesn't work for them. Collaborate and develop a plan specific to each client that will help them reach their goals.

Every member is unique in what motivates them and in how their bodies respond to diet and workouts. Some clients need more pushing while others need more inspirational stories and others need facts and figures. For some, losing weight and becoming more fit comes naturally; others need to work hard at it. But you don't have to look to DNA testing to help members get better results. Just take the time to get to know them.

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