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Fitness Club CEOs, Augie Nieto Are On a Media Blitz

CEOs and presidents in the fitness industry are both in the news and making news this week.

On Tuesday, we broke the story that Gold's Gym CEO Jim Snow had been let go, along with COO Todd Scartozzi. This news comes a couple of months after we reported another industry shakeup: the resignation of CEO Carl Liebert at 24 Hour Fitness.

Some of Snow's former CEO colleagues in the fitness club world have had a much more favorable spotlight this week. First, there was the New York Times Q and A with Equinox President Sarah Robb O'Hagan. Then there was an interview with Snap Fitness founder and CEO Peter Taunton by Fox Business. After that, Anytime Fitness co-founder and CEO Chuck Runyon taped an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Not to be outdone was Big Ass Fans founder Carey Smith, who sat down recently with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." Here's my favorite exchange in the interview:

Pimm Fox: "What is the technology behind these fans? What makes them different?"

Carey Smith: "The big thing is, the fact that they're large."

Last but certainly not least is our good friend, Chief Inspirational Officer of Augie's Quest and apparent media darling Augie Nieto, who recently was featured on the Science channel's "Through the Wormhole," narrated by Morgan Freeman. This segment on the "iBrain," a brain monitor, is a must-see, plus, as Augie said in an email, "It was fun to hear Morgan Freeman say your name."

Augie's not done in the media spotlight. At 1:30 p.m. Eastern on Friday (provided there is no breaking news), he will be featured in CNN's special series "Fighting ALS," hosted by Suzanne Malveaux, who also hosted the Bash for Augie's Quest in March.

And those are just the secondary highlights for Augie of late. He and Lynne just became first-time grandparents to Scarlett Rose, born to daughter Nicole and son-in-law Tony Marchant. (Augie posted this photo of Lynne and Scarlett last week.) I'm sure Augie and Lynne no doubt are thrilled with their first grandchild and to be mentioned in the same breath as Big Ass Fans.

A couple of other CEO notes: Happy 83rd birthday today (July 24) to East Bank Club founder and CEO Dan Levin, who will receive our Lifetime Achievement Award at the Club Industry show in October. I can't wait to meet Mr. Levin in person next month in Chicago.

And besides being the 30th anniversary of the Pine Tar Game, today also is the birthday of the CEO of my household growing up, Thomas Goldman. Dad would have been 68 today and no doubt would have been thrilled to also be mentioned in the same breath as Big Ass Fans.

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